The Shift 2012 | The Great Age Shift and Economic Evolution – Part 5

Today’s blog within this 12 part series ‘The Shift 2012’ focuses on the Shift in Great Age and the Economic Evolution now occurring. For those of you who are spiritually inclined and not the slightest bit interested in economics, bare with me, because this blog post has an exciting conclusion. Tomorrow I’ll post about the Shift in Ages (different and more frequent than the Great Ages of Man and Woman), from the context of the evolution or spiritual thought and human consciousness.

When we understand the evolution of economics, where we’ve come from and how long it took to get to where we are now and where economics is evolving to, we’ll understand more about this convergence of consciousness, spirituality, science, economics and humanity occurring now and through the coming years. This understanding will not only help us prepare for the monumental changes ahead, but also help us keep focused on the brightest of visions for our life and the world at large as we turn down the doom gloom, conspiracy visions of horror. Remember what we focus on increases.

Today I want to focus on where we are evolving to, so you can make any necessary shifts in your thinking, career, business, location and prepare to fully step into your grandest vision of yourself and your life. As the old system crumbles to the ground to make way for the emergence of the new heart cantered economy, you’ll want to be focused on the new, not the old. So here goes…

You’ll hear me repeat this quote from Arthur Brock because he says it best: “Today’s economy is not a recession. It’s the end of an era.”

The Great Age of Industry or the Industrial Era is over, so is its economic model despite the fact that our Governments and financial world cling to the current system dearly for life. The electronic revolution has occurred which is driving The Shift into the new age – The Great Age of Information. So if you think you’ve seen enough information now – hold on to your hats…

There have only been two shifts in the Great Ages of Man and Woman, namely the shift from the Natural Age to the Agricultural Age and then to the Industrial Age. We are currently in the midst of the third shift in Great Ages. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of Arthur Brock’s historical model to gain a big picture perspective.

The Evolution of Economics & The Shift In Great Ages

evolution of economics 2 The Shift 2012 | The Great Age Shift and Economic Evolution   Part 5

Evolution of Economics Model from

As you can see with each of the Shifts in Great Ages a new economic model was born. We went into the Natural Age with Natural Economics of our hunter gatherer, tribes and clans ancestry, where land was the major component of the economy’s system. As humanity we carried out our daily lives with the seasons dictating our activities, living close to nature. Depending on what clan you were in, governance was by council of elders sometimes with a chief or a shaman at the head or as chief advisor.

Around 10,000 BP in prehistory as it’s expressed; the Agrarian Revolution began and gave birth to the next Great Age – the Agricultural Age where a new economic model evolved and we settled to cultivate the land which lead to the need for a new type of housing. The old form of governance was pushed aside as we created monarchies as our new form of governance. Labour was introduced to the economy which necessitated economic evolution.

The next great age began to occur around the 18th Century in 1750 with the Industrial Revolution giving birth to the Industrial Age where a new economic model evolved again. Industry and the explosion of creativity and entrepreneurship necessitated a new form of governance and economics. Capital and industry was introduced, the majority of the population moved off the land and into cities which saw the need for a new type of housing. Banking and industry were intricately entwined and the monarchical method of governance was pushed aside as Governments took on the role of governing the people.

The Shift Into the Age of Information

In 1947 the transistor was invented and many say this was the start of the electronic revolution. 1958 saw the invention of the microchip which gave birth to the digital revolution. In 1991 phones went mobile, corporations were introduced to the internet and the WorldWideWeb browser became available giving birth to the information revolution. This time round as we move into the actual Great Age of Information we’ve had not one, but three revolutions that have bought us to this present Great Shift in Ages.

We not only have capital, land and labour as functional economic components but now we have information. This is necessitating economic evolution… And unless Governments become more efficient they too will be sidelined. A new more efficient form of governance and economics will emerge. Wow can I get away with saying that?

Be sure to read tomorrow’s post on the evolution of consciousness and spirituality, plus the following post on The Convergence to see why all roads are pointing to Rome – Rome being Economic and Governance changes.

Each time the Great Age has shifted growth in human creativity and personal freedom has also occurred. I’ll talk more about that in tomorrow’s post. To give you an idea of how fast these changes are going to occur, let me show you a graphical representation of the past to present day.

Natural Economics 100,000 Years

Tribes & Clans, Hunting and Gathering, Land, Elders, Chiefs & Shamans

Agricultural Economics 10,000 Years

Towns & Nations, Settlement, Land & Labour, Monarchies, Tsars & Emperors

Industrial Economics 100 Years

Cities & Nation-States, Industry, Land/Labour & Capital, Government

Information Economics 50 Years?

What will evolve here?, Information, Land/Labour/Capital/Info, What form of governance will evolve here?

What is the Great Age that comes next? Possibly in your life time!

The answers to those questions above are why I’m writing this blog post series on the Shift 2012. What do we want here? This year, 2012, it’s reported that it is the end of the recorded Mayan Calendar which marks the beginning of the time of universal consciousness and co-creation. So what is it we want to co-create in the way we live and how we are governed? THIS YEAR IS HALF OVER! What are you focusing on as your desired outcome or vision for what comes as we go through The Shift?

The Shift And Your Personal Mission

Now you can see now why I harp on and on about the importance of focusing on the brightest of outcomes and turning down the dial of the doom gloom conspiracy theories of 2012 and that other type of world governance that no one actually wants. What do you want? Focus on that!

Are you doing what you were born to do? Are you following your true life purpose and pursuing your personal mission? There is no other time in our history, or in the future, where humanity together and as individuals are needed to co-create what comes next. That time is now. The creative energy and consciousness is right now. Every minute of every day. It’s now. If you have been sitting on an idea, vision or dream thinking the world is not ready for it, or the time is not right – THE TIME IS RIGHT – and it’s NOW. We’re co-creating what comes next right this very second.

You have a unique role to play in this Shift. You have a gift to give to humanity to create what comes next. I invite you to be about discovering that and getting on with it.

“Ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world”.
Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentoricon smile The Shift 2012 | The Great Age Shift and Economic Evolution   Part 5

The answer to that question is your personal mission.

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