The Shift 2012 | What is The 11 11 11 Prophecy for The Shift? – Part 4

The 11 11 11 Prophecy comes from an ancient science called Numerology. 11 11 11 is a calendar phenomenon that only happens 100 years. On November 11th of any year that has an 11 at the end of it, for example 1811, 1911 or 2011, when the former part of the century number is dropped you get 11 11 11.

Historically, this date phenomena has marked a day where certain events have occurred that have completely changed the course of history and the lives humanity, and has given rise to the idea we can make 11 11 11 predictions on what might happen past this date. This 11 11 11 phenomena is just one of the five events I’m talking about in this blog series called The Shift 2012, that gives us clues as to the kind of change we can expect over the coming few years, and indeed the next 50 years. We can make global predictions, planetary predictions and personal prophecies for our selves understand this 11 11 11 phenomena. So let’s look at this 11 11 11 prophecy a little closer.

The Numerology of 11 11 11

It was the Greek mathematician Pythagoras who taught that number was the essence of all things. You may have learned a little about Pythagoras in geometry. His principles helped the philosophers Plato, and his student Aristotle, form many of their outlooks on life. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning. In numerology numbers are said to provide us with maps of consciousness. Numbers act as signposts that we can use to prophesize future events, based on the meaning of the numbers and historical events that have given even greater meaning to the those numbers.

11 11 11 Prophecy The Shift 2012 | What is The 11 11 11 Prophecy for The Shift?   Part 4

11 11 11 Prophecy, Phenomena and Prediction - The Shift

11 is a master number in numerology and signifies ‘steps of initiation along a path of personal, planetary and systemic evolution’. 11 11 11 contains what is called 3 master numbers which tells us that those changes will be magnified three fold. This is a signpost for us that grand evolutionary change, in our personal lives, the planet and our system, is on its way because we’ve just had an 11 11 11 on the 11th of November 2011.

The 11 11 11 prophecy tells us significant evolutionary change is about to occur when those dates come around then. On 11 11 11 100 years ago (11th of November 1911) subtle events and initiations fundamentally changed the way we live, make money and do business forever. Those events shaped the direction of the Industrial Revolution and gave birth to such creativity and human ingenuity. They have shaped our modern world and changed our day to day life experiences dramatically.

These changes are so fundamental they have become irreversible. I’m still researching what took place on 11 11 2011 that could act as significant signpost of evolutionary change ahead so I don’t’ have that ready yet to share with you. We can however, look at history to prophesize now about what kind of change we could expect to see in the coming years. We can also use the other four events I’m talking about in this blog series called The Shift, to help us understand how our lives will change so we can be better prepare, and not get caught out as much of the every day person in the western world was, the 100 years ago when 11 11 11 saw significant change.

11 11 1911 and Evolutionary Change

What has come to be known as The Great Blue Norther occurred on the 11th of November 1911 across central United States. Many cities broke record high temperatures early in the afternoon. By nightfall, cities were dealing with record lows on the same day. Such a great temperature polarization didn’t happen the following day, and hasn’t happened since.

11 11 11 Predictions The Shift 2012 | What is The 11 11 11 Prophecy for The Shift?   Part 4

Initiations of Evolutionary Change 11 11 1911

On this same day American Gasol was incorporated and become the first company to produce transportable propane gas. This initiation evolved the motor car industry dramatically, as well as the way we live, making it much easier for people to travel long distances in their car. It also changed the way cars were made, not to mention giving birth to better refrigeration, gas heating, gas cooking, a new wave in scientific experimentation and even changes in the way we educate our emerging scientists.

The first transcontinental air flight completed on that date, according to the pilot, and he was carrying the very first ‘air mail’ bag of letters and documents. I think we can all agree that change has been irreversible. Take a moment to ponder what your life would be like without your car, gas or air travel and refrigeration? Can you feel the limitation that just happened in your energy field? I could. I felt restricted. So the change then has increased our freedom and mobility right? Add to that the systemic evolution of government that took place and you have major shifts in every aspect of our lives. My video report will go a little more into this.

One of the other four events I’ll be talking about in this blog series, also only happens ever 110 years of so. Historically it has also bought monumental change, an increase in human creativity and freedom. That these two 100 year or so events have happened within seven months of each other is historical, but also could mean that opening up of creativity and freedom will be quantum. Perhaps the sky really isn’t the limit? Be sure to subscribe to my blog either below this post or top right on the blog to make sure you don’t miss out on that report, or any others in this series.

So take a moment now to think about what possible inventions might have already been initiated that, in just a few years time will revolutionize your daily life right now?

– With the last batch of clients I’m working with on my Master Plan Mentor Program, I’ve already begun to see some of these inventions and creative ideas form in the new types of businesses they are starting. And I can tell you I’m really excited about the world we’ll be living in just around the corner. I’ll be posting more about that as they go through their journey and I discover more. Back to history…

When you think about 11 11 1911, initiations of change that occurred on this day 100 years ago, have without question changed the way we live, eat, make money, communicate, create wealth to name just a few. We stand just past the precipice of another monumental change with November 11, 2011 having just occurred. The writing is on the wall now, that the old economy is about to become extinct and a new one is beginning to be initiated, so we now part of the 11 11 11 prophecy for this cycle will be massive evolutionary change in our economy.

Just as the old agricultural economy shifted into an industrial economy as the motorized engine and transportable gas gave rise to huge creativity which changed our economy, the inventions and creativity of this new shift will necessitate change in today’s economy. We will see the birth of what I’m calling the heart centered economy in our life time.

11 11 11 Predictions

In the last blog post I predicted we would evolve our economy to a heart cantered economy, because remember, The Shift is also a shift in consciousness. While the last 11 11 11 was mainly driven by entrepreneurs and their industrial creative ideas, this shift is being driven by heart centered entrepreneurs and consumers with their desire to consider the ‘whole’ – the planet, the poor, the infirm, the balance of wealth etc. More and more consumers are diverting their dollars away from exploitative business and toward more sustainable business, a trend that will only grow. More and more heart centered entrepreneurs are building their businesses around serving humanity and making a big difference to people and the planet.

When you think about the changes to our lives because of the mobile phone, laptop, YouTube, Skype and Facebook, these all occurred within the context of the information and digital revolution. These changes have occurred fast and sometimes for those of us not following the technological advancements – over night it seems.

skype holographic image The Shift 2012 | What is The 11 11 11 Prophecy for The Shift?   Part 4Skype, apparently has technology now that is able to project your holographic image to the person you are calling on Skype! How will that change the way we communicate? HUGE! When i first made my video report on my 11 11 11 predictions, one of my prophecies was that we would see some significant change to our communication systems. Remember, 11 11 11 brings systemic change as well. I think talking to holagraphic images of our friends and family might qualify for systemic change.

(BTW – I’ll release that video report  to you shortly, so be sure to subscribe to blog to get it once I do. The report contains some fabulous information that will be helpful to you in preparing for all this monumental change afloat.)

Emerging leaders of what I’m calling the New Heart Centered Economy began to speak out and warn about shift decades ago, and many more are coming forward this year in 2012 and news is catching on. We must prepare for it to be able to continue to thrive.
Leaders like the worlds biggest mentor, one of my mentors, and New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author, Raymond Aaron says “2011 is the change year…”. In 2012 we are now seeing the results of those ‘initiations of change along a personal, planetary and systemic path’. Predictions of systemic change in communications, banking, the economy, the way information is disseminated have all begun to take place. Predictions in systemic change in the government we’ve yet to see.

And if numerology hasn’t got you convinced about the fact that great change is upon us, then watch out for my other blog posts on the other four events that revolutionize our lives in the coming years. I hope you subscribe below to get the rest of my 11 11 11 prophecy, predictions and phenomena posts in the Shift series. You can also check out the early posts in this series by going to The Shift 2012.

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