What Can The Honey Bee Teach Us About Our Purpose And Mission?

purpose mission 300x237 What Can The Honey Bee Teach Us About Our Purpose And Mission?

What Is Your Purpose and Mission?

It is nature that gives us immediate clues that we were born for some purpose greater than we might realize and that purpose contains our personal mission where we derive our greatest satisfaction in life.

Bees were born to extract nectar from flowers and take it back to their hive to satisfy the Queen Bee. This is the mission they were born for, a mission that makes sweet honey. Their higher purpose is to cross pollinate so flowers blossom and can fulfill their purpose. While bees are not considered to be cognoscente of this purpose, they carry it out all day every day.

Everywhere in nature you will see the demonstration of creation carrying out their mission and fulfilling their purpose as they go along. Everything in creation has a purpose and that would include the human bee-ing – You and me. We also have a mission that when we fulfill it on a daily basis we create sweet honey in our lives and in the lives of others.

Unlike the bee, though, we have a complex construction of a brain, mind, consciousness, unconsciousness, sub consciousness, super consciousness and ego. We also have a complex social structure that over the ages has not focused our minds on what it is we were born for on the highest level. We ask the question of our young “what do you want to be when you grow up”, rather than “what have you come into this world to do”, “what’s your purpose for being here?” All these elements can get in the way of us discovering the Bee that we Be, knowing the exact reason we are here and what sweet honey it is we offer to the world.

And so the human is able to construct all manner of illusions, diversions, reasons for their existence even having no reason at all.  Yet throughout our life, we receive many messages from our soul about the exact nature of our purpose and mission. We just aren’t listening in a meaningful way.

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About Nicola Grace

Nicola Grace is the Mission Mentor, an author, public speaker, transformation facilitator and life purpose consultant who transformed her life from “off-purpose, sick and dying” to “fully alive getting paid handsomely for following her purpose and mission”. Escaping the jaws of cancer twice Nicola helps purpose driven change agents define and achieve their soul’s personal mission. She brings her clients and audiences to 'the ah ha moment' with a flair leaving them feeling as if they’ve just unlocked the secrets to personal autonomy and their own wisdom. Nicola is an award winning spokeswoman, all about transformation. She is most proud of implementing a successful strategy for change that made history in her home country, New Zealand - An achievement that has now become famous worldwide within the industry effected by that change. A life mission she accomplished while recovering from stage 4 Melanoma. Whether it is her own health, life, the lives of others or the world, transformation is her passion, her purpose and her mission, a mission that has gained her the reputation as The Mission Mentor and Queen of Personal Development.
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