The Shift 2012 | Shifting To A Heart Centered New Economy – Part 2

pinkheart The Shift 2012 | Shifting To A Heart Centered New Economy – Part 2

Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Drive The World Toward A Heart Centered Economy

We’re shifting into a heart centered new economy. I love that title. It’s The Shift that’s been a long time coming. It may well take a little longer to actualize, but the paradigm shift of consciousness is busting through to bring in a New Era and a new paradigm and the emergance of the heart centered entrepreneur forcing change to our monetary system and our economy.

In the Industrial Age entrepreneurs drove our economy toward ‘progress at all costs’ not considering the whole. We can no longer sustain that ideology and much of the world doesn’t want it. In fact you could say 99% of the world is done with that way of thinking and behaving.

The new and emerging Heart Centered Entrepreneurs will steer us into the ‘heart of the matter’ of how this new economy will be formed, not necessarily through political means, but by necessity because of the ingenuity and the creativity they bring to solving many of the world’s problems, and the restructuring that will need to take place to accommodate that creativity. In much the same way the Industrial entrepreneurs and their creativity necessitated change in the economy with the advent of the need for ‘capital’.

quantum mechanics The Shift 2012 | Shifting To A Heart Centered New Economy – Part 2

Quantum mechanics and the heart centered economy

Quantum mechanics has proven what spiritually awakened ones have known all along – we are ‘One’. We are interconnected and we do effect one another not only with our actions but our thinking. A new economy will emerge as we begin to understand this discovery. The shit, so to speak is pointed in the direction of the heart and soul of our existence, and with the consciousness shift also occurring, our outer reality in the world will begin to change to accommodate this shift – as we are already baring witness to this happening.

I’m really excited about delivering this blog post series, because I get to bring my spiritual awakening, life purpose work, intuitive visionary skills and history major, all together to take a birds eye perspective at how we arrived at this precipice of change and what we can expect in the coming years. It’s my intention that while you gain knowledge and understanding of this time and your unique role in this Shift, that together we all begin to take our focus of the ‘worse case scenarios’ being sold out there and focus on the highest and brightest outcomes. For what we focus on increases. The Shift that is occurring is a Heart Centered Shift. You’re invited to come along for the ride of your life.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I usually post spiritual techniques and perspectives. And I’ll certainly be doing that in this series of posts titled The Shift. However, history and more importantly, learning form history is a great passion of mine, so I’m really excited about presenting some historical perspectives on The Shift as well as spiritual and even some scientific information as well. Regardless of which hat I will wear, from intuitive visionary, to transformation trainer or history enthusiast, what you’ll begin to see for yourself is that all paths are leading to Rome – in this case Rome is the Heart. And by that I mean everything from every angle and perspective of the changes occurring during this Shift is leading us to the same evolutionary point.

The fix is in – we are going to become more heart centered in every aspect of our lives. How long that will take, who knows, but if history is anything to go by, we may indeed “all be changed in the twinkling of an eye”, in the worlds of Saul to Paul (he was the guy on the way to kill Jesus when he had a pineal awakening and his head split open in to light. He went on to become one of Jesus’ most devoted desciples, a teacher and a Saint).

The End of An Era – The Beginning of A New Great Age

We are at the precipice of a monumental moment in our modern history that very few people are talking about from a historical perspective. The so called Global Financial Crisis has reached a critical point precisely because the ‘powers that were’ have failed to recognise that the world economy is shifting into a New Age. And just like the shift that occurred when we went from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age, there isn’t a Government, Army, Corporation or Conglomeration of Corporations that can stop that change from happening. We will bare witness, in our lifetime, to a changing of guard unprecedented in history.

The reason for me saying that change is inevitable and can’t be stopped, is because you can’t reverse consciousness. The cat is out of the bag. Quantum physicists have proven what those in spiritual movement have known all along and that is that we are all interconnected by a divine intelligence – what we observer we contribute to – what we think and do effects the whole.

growth for the sake of growth 300x200 The Shift 2012 | Shifting To A Heart Centered New Economy – Part 2The old way and the old solutions that belong to the Industrial Age aren’t working any more precisely because of this shift in consciouness. Our leaders don’t appear to have learned anything from history. In the Industrial Age, the path to creating wealth has often occurred at the expense of exploiting workers, countries and planet for personal or corporate gain. Now not all of them are exploitative, but certainly a great many.

That exploitation has been acceptable within the value system of the Industrial Age of progress at all cost, but as The Shift in consciousness drives the emergence of the New Age of Integrity and the New Economy, the old way is just not going to fly. The only way for us to thrive and come up with solutions that work, will be to consider this ‘whole’ and become more heart centered in our entrepreneurial endeavors. The current economy is not going to get off the ground again in a big way until it makes some fundamental shifts to accommodate The Shift, The Age of Information and new heart centered entrepreneur and the explosion of creativity occurring now.

The message is, change or become extinct. Now that’s good news for a lot of people because the exploitation of the industrial age has enhanced a collective consciousness belief that money is dirty or evil and hence many a good heart centered person has become piously broke and under resourced to effect real change. In the New Age, heart centered wealth is not only possible, it’s essential to our survival as a whole ecosystem that will in time change the economic structure.

Compound the economic issues with natural planetary evolution, environmental disasters catching up with us, towns, states, countries and even whole regions taking to the streets demanding change….

Life Purpose GPS ng 221x300 The Shift 2012 | Shifting To A Heart Centered New Economy – Part 2…There can be no doubt that we are living in a time of monumental events on all levels of our existence. We are being challenged to evolve with the changing times or our skills and ability to live a decent life will become extinct regardless of where you are currently at on the economic scale. We are being driven into the Age of Integrity which on a personal scale will mean that we act according to the integrity of our spirit – our soul and the truth of who we are and why we are on this planet. This is why i say it’s time now for us all to step fully into our true life purpose, our higher purpose and the begin to walk the personal mission we have chosen to herald in this grand new era.

That’s how significant this transition is to you. Those who recognise this shift occurring right now, and take action to prepare themselves, will create a personal Golden Age of Prosperity for themselves as The Shift gets under way. Those who don’t, will find themselves displaced in the economy until such time as they make that personal shift within themselves.

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