The Shift 2012 | The Evolution Of Spiritual Thought – Part 6

Evolution Of Spiritual Thought The Shift 2012 | The Evolution Of Spiritual Thought   Part 6As we track the evolution of spiritual thought in this blog post, I’m going to focus mostly on Europe and its colonies for two reasons. Firstly, I know more about European history as I majored in it at university, plus what has now become known as the West, has played a dominant role in shaping the world we live in today, over the past centuries. I am going to follow up with another post on tracking spiritual evolution in the East and Middle East, I just need some more time to research that since I don’t already have a body of knowledge to draw from.

I do know that during certain periods of history, religious and spiritual thought of the East and Middle East played a pivotal role in shifting the consciousness of Europe’s dominance by the Roman Church, so it will be interesting to track their evolution of spiritual thought. Stay tuned…

Remember, from earlier posts, Great Age Shifts have only occurred twice before in recorded history (Natural Age shift to the Agricultural Age when then Shifted into the Industrial Age). We are living through the next Great Age Shift. Great Age Shifts bring in changes to the way we live, the type of housing we live in, our life style, the method of exchange or currency system, governance systems all bought about by an explosion of human ingenuity, creativity.

A Change in Ages of Thought by contrast, historically has occurred approximately every 1,000 years and coincides with Venus Transits. An Age change is preceded with a paradigm shift in the thinking of a certain mass of people of the time, which drives systemic change and gives birth to great freedom and understanding of who we are, what we are, from where we have come, where we are going, and the nature of God. What’s interesting is that each new Age Shift occurs in a similar time frame as a Venus Transit pairing.

So from a historical perspective, it would appear that the astronomical event of the Venus Transit has some influence over humanity and its evolution of its spiritual thought. That might seem unscientific and out there for some, but only if you still believe that Newtonian Science (mass and energy are considered as separate) has validity.

If you follow and understand Quantum Science (mass and energy are connected) you’ll know everything at the sub-atomic level is unified with this Universal Creative Intelligence, and so of course anything that exists is interconnected and would effect the ‘Whole’. When we observe anything we effect by our thoughts and perspectives that which we conclude we are observing.

We are not only One with each other; we are One with EVERYTHING and are contributing to the whole world and universe we live in. The Sun and Venus are not excluded from Oneness, and when you see the evolution of spiritual thoughts and paradigm shifts in humanity that occur around The Venus Transits it begs the question are planets and the sun just matter and energy, or do they have consciousness too?

At a sub atomic level the answer to that question is yes. I’m going to be going into this idea in much greater detail in the coming posts, so be sure to subscribe below or to the top right of this blog, so you don’t miss out.

In this post I want to track the paradigm shifts in thinking and spiritual evolution, so we can better understand what we’re going through during this Shift and what we need to be focusing on to bring in the kind of experiences and world we truly desire.

So let’s look at these shifts and their consequences starting form the first recorded Venus Transit.

Age of Renaissance – God created earth, sun, moon, stars and man who fell from Grace and is now separate from God, maybe it’s not a good idea to kill people who don’t believe that – Belief.

Age of Reason– God created earth, sun, moon, stars and man who fell from Grace and is now separate from God – let’s stop killing people who don’t believe that – greater tolerance for different ideas slowly emerged – Belief + Doubt.

Age of Enlightenment– Did God create the earth, sun, moon and man etc and what created all those other planets and solar systems we now see through Galileo’s new telescope – Belief clashes with Science and gives birth to Debate of creation versus evolution- and the seeds of separation of church and state were sown in the west – Debate.

Age of Imperialism – Science emerges as the ‘new god’ and seeks to both disprove and prove the existence of God giving birth to Quantum Mechanics (Physics) which later discovers that at the sub-atomic level we are all interconnected to a Universal Creative Intelligence that is in all life, and at no time have we every been separate from that Universal Intelligence  – Provable Fact.

Age of Integrity – Science and spirituality converge giving birth to many answers we can no longer ignore. Having answered the question is there a God and Who Am I, the debate focus shifts to ‘Why Am I Here?’ – Higher Purpose – Demonstration.

Free from belief and debate, the facts of the nature of our existence will become more widely known and understood in the Age of Integrity. We will have discovered who we are as an idea, and will begin to demonstrate that in our lives, which will change the world and lead us into the next Age Change and Great Age. When I use we here, I’m referring to the main thought of the certain mass within humanity that drives the paradigm shift and the change that shift affects.

For example in the Dark Ages the dominant mass were Roman Church followers whose main thought was that we fell from grace, are miserable sinners who need to repent in order to get to heaven, and if you didn’t believe that you needed to be terminated. This thought formed and drove the systems of education, religion, politics and economics. As the evolution of spiritual thought progressed through the Ages the dominant mass (for now) has progressed for the large part down the same path of thought from the separation of Church and State through the decline of the Church and its power to where we are today – on the precipice of a quantum spiritual evolutionary moment.

A paradigm shift is always preceded with a group of leading edge spiritual thinkers or illuminated ones who pave the way for the mass shift. We’ve had many spiritual teachers, scientists and texts speaking about thought being creative, we creative our own reality, our experiences are made up of beliefs we hold in our consciousness, subconscious and collective consciousness. In fact that idea is not a modern one. There are references to it in most ancient texts as well as modern day ones. That paradigm has not been mainstream. With the scientific discovery that there is a Universal Creative Intelligence within us and all around us – now a provable fact – that knowledge in the minds of many, instead of the few, will drive this paradigm shift.

The Mayan Calender recordings ended at the pinnacle of human evolution which is Universal Consciousness. We are in an age where what comes next will be created by whatever is held in the Universal Conscious Collective.

So what are you putting into that collective? How are you fulfilling your life purpose and mission to make sure that that universal collective consciousness has the brightest and best vision it could possible be?

The fact of the matter is that as humanity we have always co-created so to speak, the world as it is right now. The difference between the past and the present is that today, we know more about who we are and how things come into creation, that we can consciously create instead of unconsciously manifest. So the question is – what is it that you want to create?

-          Because you’re never not going to be creating. The Universal Creative Intelligence (call it God if you wish) that dwells within every atom of your being and all of live, NEVER sleeps. It’s pulsing out creative energy eternally. Astronomers have discovered that new universes are being born every day. Universes! Whole universes are being born every day. We live in the infinite and there for infinite possibilities. You are also creating constantly, wether you sleep or wake. Again, what do you want to create? Because you’re never not creating.

Remember this is the Age of Integrity – and The Great Age of Information – you will find it more and more difficult creating selfishly, not considering the whole, as the months and years progress. Here’s why…

“The trained Mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, and any attempt to profit from the weakness, ignorance or necessity of another will inevitably be to one’s disadvantage.

This is because the individual is part of the Universal. A part cannot antagonise any other part, but, on the contrary, the welfare of each part depends upon the recognition of the interests of the whole”. The Secret Master Keys

So when the question is asked what do you want to create? – that includes ‘for the Whole’ – the welfare of the All – This is the paradigm that the evolution of spiritual thought has lead us to. In the Age of Integrity we know the whole is affected by what we think and do. Depending on where your individual consciousness takes you on that idea, you might think of that ‘Whole’ as far as the planet and its inhabitants, or the entire galaxy, or all of creation…

And that’s the perfect segue into tomorrows post on the 2012 Phenomena and the Mayan Prophecy that two galaxies are about to pass through each other, making the concept of thinking what we want to create for the entire galaxy or all of creation, all the more urgent to understand and so very exciting. Let’s chat tomorrow.

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